Field Investigations

I wrote the fictional short story called "Zombie Road" which was based on my friends and I's attempts to find the legendary and fabled Zombie Rd. in the mid 1980's. We never did find the real road as I had always been told it was off Highway 109 or Old State Road. In fact, it is off neither but ALMOST off both of those roads. One end of it starts just off Ridge Road which is just off Old State Rd. while the other end is real close to the Hwy 109/Old State Rd. intersection near the Meremac River in Glencoe. The actual name of the road is Lawler-Ford Road. The sign is no longer there. Stolen by teenagers?

I was told of the Lawler Ford Rd. by a friend of mine in the late '80's. I drove by it but didn't go down it as I still wasn't sure it was the real road. Many years later, in 2003, web research confirmed this was the right road so I made a few trips there on foot with camcorder and camera to do some ghost hunting type field investigations!

The first time I walked down the start of Zombie Road, it was a bright sunny summer day. I stupidly went alone but I went in the middle of the day to minimize the scariness...And I have to admit as soon as I stepped on the road, I was STILL scared as anything! I can't describe it in words but people are right: there definitely IS something wrong/creepy about this place! I got scared when I saw a big something in the upcoming road. Suddenly it ran across the road and hid in bushes. I about freaked out. I kept going though and it turned out to be a big turkey who was scared of me and booked up the hill! (Zombie Rd. is this creepy 1-lane road in a heavily forested valley with huge hills on each side)

Other scary things included a bug that wouldn't leave me alone like that Amityville Horror priest, falling into potholes, etc.

I went back about a week later and walked further. I brought my camcorder this time and it didn't wanna start when I approached the road! This time, I heard strange noises coming from this one tree. It sounded like it was creaking like it was an old tree just about to fall over on me.

Then I heard noises from a pool of water on the road. At first, I thought there was nothing to explain it or the splashes I saw but then I could see actual tadpoles or frogs or whatever it was.

A cyclist scared the s*!! out of me when he rode past really fast. That was the first person I saw on Zombie. Also, deer scared the hell out of me!

About 1 week later, I walked the entire road. The first thing I noticed was that there were a lot of things on the road that I sure didn't see just a week before! Most notably, there was what looked like a black body bag! When I got closer, it wasn't but it was about the same size/shape. Once again, deer scared me a few times. I ran into a lot of people this day, from park workers to a jogger to a mom with her little kids.

I walked all the way down to the mini railroad (which I also rode another time) and down to the Meremac River, where I saw a creepy old railroad car. I wasn't able to find the old flooded out and dalipidated haunted houses and shacks everyone talks about.

On all trips, I noticed a ton of huge trees that have fallen down towards the road which always seemed very creepy/odd. I took video and still pictures of the trips.

UPDATE: On 9-20-03, I finally think I found the flooded out houses and beach area. There were fences with No Trespassing signs so I don't know how anyone goes in them! I walked doen to where the railroad trestle crosses the river. Underneath it was graffitti like "666". I heard strange sounds there from trees. There were a couple houses around there that looked lived in still with cars and satellite dish, etc. Maybe there's a woman with a gun in one of the houses. Not a ghost but a live person! I later heard firecrackers or gunshots! I also heard a car or machinery coming from Lawler Ford Rd. near where it hits the east-west part of Zombie Road. Another car drove on the east-west part.

Pictutres I took of Zombie Road!:
More pix I took of Zombie!: