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John Trower's Opinions on Music

   It sounds corny but music is the most important thing in life. 
Music is life.  Music is happiness(joy or peace of mind) and then 
some.  As Albert Camus said, "Next to silence, that which comes 
closest to expressing the inexpressible is music."

   I've outlined the main types of good music.  Music that sucks 
includes rap(short for crap), disco, soul, opera, most 90s 
alternative, much of new age, much top 40, much adult comtemporary.
 Now, on to the good stuff.

I. Classic Rock
   A. British
      1.The Beatles
      2.Pink Floyd
      3.Yes(Whom I've met)
      4.Led Zeppelin
      5.All the others(Moody Blues/Genesis/ELP/King Crimson(my 
        drummer met Wetton)/Supertramp/ELO/Black Sabbath(I met 
        Ozzy and been to Geezer's house but didn't met him)/Jethro 
        Tull/Richard Thompson/etc)

   B. North American
      1.The Doors
      2.Velvet Underground
      3.Grateful Dead
      5.All the others(Jimi Hendrix/CCR/Kansas(my friend met)/Bob 
        Dylan/Simon & Garfunkel/Bruce Springsteen/Neil Young/America/Frank Zappa/Alice Cooper
        (I've seen his house)/Guns N' Roses(My drummer met Matt Sorum)/
        Kiss(my drummer met Stanley/Simmons))

II.  '80's Alternative(new wave/punk)

   A. British
      1.Echo & the Bunnymen
      2.The Smiths
      3.The Cure
      4.The Jam
      6.All the others(Julian Cope and Teardrop Explodes/
        Joy Division and New Order/XTC/Sex Pistols/The Clash/
        U2(Irish)/Lloyd Cole(Scottish)/The Police/Aztec Camera/etc)

   B. American
      1.Talking Heads
      2.R.E.M.(Whom I semi-met)
      3.Violent Femmes(Whom I met)
      4.The Replacements(Whom I met)

III. '90s Alternative(Most sucks but a small percent is good)
    A. British

    B. American
       1.some Nirvana and Pearl Jam 
       2.some Smashing Pumpkins
       3.Marcy Playground, Pavement
       4.The Suede Chain
       5.The Beers(my band!)
IV.  Other Music I Admit is Good But Don't Listen To
     A.Classical(Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky etc.)
     B.some jazz
     C.some folk


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