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Light Beer

Skipping stones across the setting sun
Til the rays and ripples become one
I can't seem to say just how I feel
Your face tells me our love isn't real

Standing next to a frozen pond
Our love was real but now it's gone
Snow has fallen 'cross the barren land
You have left me a broken man

Someday though the ice will thaw
And I will see what others saw
Initials carved into a tree
Are saying that you'll come back to me

And we're skipping stones across the setting sun
As that sun goes down, our shadows become one
I'll tell you right now just how I feel
Our smiles say our love is real

Thanksgiving Day

The softness of a scream,ending in infinity
The day ends so quickly,but the night will go on forever
Send me up to the sky,into sheltering arms
Hold me hold me so close,never let me fall

Balancing on the edge,shaken ever so slightly
Pulled from our reality,bound for new existence
The popping of a soul,it made no sound
Yet echoed in my mind,so loud and broken

Rage upon the remains,the spoiled fruit that rots in our hearts
Fly away my friend,release your burden
Live inside tomorrow's sunrise
And I'll shine away today's

Love Can Do Anything

Love has soft hands and a tender voice
Love can make you laugh, make the world rejoice
  Love can set your soul on fire, fill your heart with desire
  Love can make you go insane, love can make you burn with pain
Love can set the world free, love can bring misery
Love can make you feel alive, love can make you want to die
   Love can take or love can bring
   Love can soothe, love can sting

Chorus: Love can do anything
        Love can do anything
        Love can do what you want it to
        Love can come to you

repeat chorus

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