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THE BEERS Discography:

Released Studio Albums:
"A Taste of The Beers" (1993)
"The Beers Hotel" (2001)
"A Taste of The Beers" (expanded CD version) (2003)

Unreleased Studio Demos:
"No School Tomorrow" (1993)
"Puddin' Gone Sour" (1995)

Homemade Albums:
"Brewery" (1988)
"More Booze" (1989)
"Draft" (1991)
"In Search of the Eternal Buzz" (1994)

"The Beers" (1988)
"October Sessions" (1989)

"Beers Years" (1990)
"Backwash" (1990)
"Foam" (1991)
"A Keg of The Beers-The Definitive Boxed Set" (orig released 1992)
"Six-pack Harmony" (1993)
"The Bottom of The Barrel" (1996)

"The Brewing of The Beers" (documentary) (orig released 1990)
"Live at The Bernard Pub" (1993)
"Live at The Red Sea" (1994)
"Live at The Other World" (1994)
"Live at Kennedys" (1994)
"Live at The Bernard Pub 2" (1994)

All the Musicians Who Have Ever Played for The Beers:
Jim Bender-drums,hand claps, harmonica, guitar, piano, vocals
John Trower-guitar, bass, keyboards, hand claps, harmonica, vocals
Jim Cady-bass, vocals
Evan Wilson-keyboards, all things digital, guitar, bass, vocals
Mike West-bass, keyboards, vocals
Tim Senaldi-harmonica, bass, vocals
Shane Griffin-guitar, bass, vocals
Adam Levi-bass, vocals
Tom West-vocals
Shane Thompson-drums, vocals
John Chomica-drums
Jeff Boock-vocals
Dan Z-guitar
Steve Debrisay-guitar
Paul Bernardini-bass
Brian McCauley-bass
Sean Sweeney-tambourine
Dave Neil-guitar
Joe Racz-percussion, backing vocals
Dr. Mike Horowitz-vocals
Matt Nelson-bass
DC Chymes-drums
Rob Skeel-guitar
Tony Konecne-vocals

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