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The Ultimate Theoretical Beers Lineup:

Adam Levi-Vocals

John Trower- Rhythm & occasional lead guitar on electric/acoustic 6 & 12 strings, Ukulele, Dulcimer, Mandolin, Keyboards, Bass, Backing & occasional lead vocals

Evan Wilson-Lead guitar, Keyboards, Above Genius IQ, Only virtuoso in band, Music theory, Backing & occasional lead vocals

Jim Cady-Bass, Backing & occasional lead vocals

Jim Bender-Drums

The Best Beers Lineup That Actually Happened:

Adam Levi-Vocals

John Trower- Rhythm & occasional lead guitar on electric/acoustic 6 & 12 strings, Keyboards, Backing & occasional lead vocals

Shane Griffin-Lead guitar

Jim Cady-Bass, Backing & occasional lead vocals

Jim Bender-Drums

The Most Realistic Reunion Lineup at This Point:

Adam Levi-Vocals

Shane Griffin-Guitar

Rob Skeel-Guitar

Jim Cady-Bass, Backing vocals

Jim Bender-Drums

(John Trower- Manager/Producer/Overall Architect)

Possible Cameo Appearances By One-time Beers Such As:

Tim Senaldi-Vocals, Harmonica

Evan Wilson-Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Tom West-Vocals

Mike West-Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

John Trower-Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

New Album Could Be Made & Consist of 50% Old Overlooked Songs Finally Given the Studio Treatment such as:

A Round of Drinks

Still A Child


And 50% Brand New Material

There Could Also Be a 2 CD “Then and Now” Option to Buy “The Beers Hotel” & New CD Together

Finally, there could be a 3rd CD of “The Best of The Old Non-Studio” which could include:

Paranoid (live)

South Carolina

More Blues

Going Shopping (live)

Easter Candy

Sweet Jane (live)

In Search of the Eternal Buzz

Room to Breathe

Funk Jam (We’re The Beers) (live)


House of the Rising Sun (live)

Fans could have the option of buying the individual 3 CD’s, the 2 CD “Then & Now” pack or the 3 CD “Box Set” Option (which I Would Highly Recommend)

There Could Also Be Some Sort of Reunion Concert Tour/DVD...

The Beers are an original alternative/classic rock band which at one time or other has consisted of Adam Levi (vocals), John Trower (guitar, keyboards, bass, vocals), Evan Wilson (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Jim Bender (drums, vocals), Mike West and Jim Cady (bass, vocals), Shane Griffin & Rob Skeel (guitar) among numerous others! Based in the St. Louis area, these "groovy dudes" have been writing original songs since 1987.

The band's first official release, "A Taste of The Beers", received airplay on local radio stations The Point, KDHX, and KYMC. The Beers also appeared live twice on Steve & DC's Show on Q104FM.

Spotlight Magazine called The Beers "musically quite effective" while The Riverfront Times called them "sonically smashing" and The Midwest Music Review liked The Beers' "cool pop/rock melodies". Brian Q. Newcomb of Billboard appreciates The Beers' "lyrical charm and Velvet Underground underpinnings" and feels The Beers are "headed in a good direction". Musician's Cyber Cooler feels The Beers "give off a mellow punk kind of vibe like the Velvet Underground." The Global Muse compares The Beers to "early punk and early Kinks" and says, "This is band that is not afraid to experiment." Aiding & Abetting likes The Beers' "cool backdrops", "good ideas" & the "stream of consciousness to the pieces." Make A calls The Beers "capable musicians" who "sound like they are having fun" and are "on the right track" with "strong melodies" and "lyrics that work well in the context of the music". called The Beers a "2001 kicker of ass" with "shades of Husker Du & the Minutemen." Music Dish find The Beers "thoroughly addictive" and "impossible to turn away from"!

The Beers' music is available on and hit #4 on in the folk rock charts. calls "The Beers Hotel" CD (now out of print for boring legal reasons), "the first Rock and Roll Masterpiece of the Next 1,000 Years"! Flush Magazine named it #3 Top Local Album of 2001!

Big Takeover Magazine says "Come Back Baby" "sounds like a #1 hit"! Freakz of Rock calls it "a song you'll fall in love with".

Aural Innovations says, "The Beers bristles with influences-essaying Husker Du, The Velvet Underground, Nirvana, Jefferson Airplane, R.E.M. and other seminal acts" & "cover a broad swath of punk/post punk territory, with a helping of brooding psychedlia thrown in." Shut Eye Records says The Beers have "a decidedly British Invasion feel, then meanders around that notion with something David Bowie might tinker with if he got in another "Low" or "Lodger" mood while rocking out on tunes drunk with 70’s punk. The wide experimentation in sound, ala the nice postioning of “Light Beer” and “Burnt Coffee” shows just how well these guys know their music and how it functions. “Shade of Grey” is rampantly Kink-y, “Never Be Free” fills the aforementioned punk criteria, and sounds better than most of the other modern day “punk” acts. “Come Back Baby” uses punchy stop and start motions bleeding over to the steady rock. “What’s the Reason?” could’ve been on any dB’s album. Keep it up guys.” Mixposure reviews calls "Dreams" "creative" with "great chord & mood changes" & "creepy, yet it rocks!"

New Artist Radio calls "Cool Autumn Night" the "highlight of the disc" with its "terrific Chorus melody, in addition to nicely arranged guitar and piano with a late '60's Pink Floyd flavor." Dimestore Productions praises The Beers as "a true man's bar rock group" and says, "I can definitely see this group tearing up a bar with their classic rock feel and their sense of humor in their songs." Dertonline says the Beers “will satisfy your thirst for good alternative rock”. gives it 8 out of 10 stars!

Freakz of Rock sums it up best with: "The Beers, guys who named their band after a beverage and write songs for all of us to enjoy and come to love, Dude, The Beers rule!"

(Beers guitarist John Trower has also released a solo "Unplugged" cd which critics have compared to Syd Barrett, Gordon Gano, Jonathan Richman & Neil Young! Trower is also featured on Online Rock's 9/11 benefit cd, "Rock for America".)

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