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JOHN TROWER (guitar, ukulele, mountain dulcimer, mandolin, vocals, occasional bass & keyboards) of St. 

Louis, MO has been writing, recording, and performing songs for over 

35 years.  He is best known as a member of '80’s/'90’s 

alternative rock band THE BEERS.  Other bands included ‘80’s cover 


During this time, Trower also released a number of obscure & ridiculous solo albums.  His 

last cd, “Best of Unplugged”, was a strictly acoustic affair.  The CD is 

available on  Trower described the sound as “mellow 

acoustic alternapop demented ditties” in a similar vein as Syd 

Barrett or Gordon Gano. 

 Joe Records called the cd, “incredibly heartfelt” while Wild Oats 

Records found it, “interesting-unlike a whole lot of stuff these 

days”.  Ex-Reprobate called Trower’s music “acoustic” and “fun” and 

compared it to “old Violent Femmes stuff.” 

said, “This young artist has a lengthy repertoire that features raw, 

honest lyrics with only a 6 and 12 string guitar.  Proving he doesn’t 

need a band to back him up, Trower lets us into his life with honest 

lyrics and an introspective style of playing”.  Turk’s Head Review 

called Trower an “avant genius” & “a mystical heir to the Syd Barrett 

mode of songcraft” and called “Unplugged” a “magnum opus of radical 

introspection”.  Sponic Zine said “John obviously has songwriting 

talent” with “thoughtful lyrics”. Phase 9 says, “Trower brings out 

the subject more by his effective guitar playing”.  Trower 

fan/musician Ronnie Henry called Trower, “a very good rhythm  

guitarist” while another fan called Trower’s music “very powerful 

stuff” with “great guitar”.  RoundSound said, “Comparison to Jonathan 

Richman seems obvious, but there is also a link to some of Neil 

Young’s most quirky songs.”

Trower’s song “Engaged” hit #14 and “Brighter Day” hit #15 on’s Folk chart.

Trower’s song, “I Will Be There”, was featured on Online Rock’s 

compilation cd, Rock for America,which benefited the United Way’s 

Sept. 11th fund.   

Trower has performed solo at Kennedy's and The Pony Expresso in St. 


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